Personal Bowling Lessons

Tune up your game with personal bowling instruction with Scott Pohl and Sara Ullman at Cedarvale Lanes in Eagan.


Instruction Topics

Instruction is tailored to the needs of the individual with an emphasis on:

  • Proper footwork & timing
  • Relating to footwork & swing
  • Free arm-swing
  • Hand position & release
  • Targeting
  • Mental game
  • and More!


$40 for a 30 minute session

$50 for a 45 minute session

Add $10 for video analysis!

USBC Certified Coaches

Scott Pohl

Scott PohlScott has been an instructor for over 20 years, is a 4-time member of Team USA, a World Champion and PBA title holder. Scott has 35 sanctioned 300 games to his credit including 2 on Sport League Conditions and 15 sanctioned 800 series.


Instruction available Monday through Friday before 12pm .  Weekend availability varies

Contact Scott to schedule a lesson.

Sara Ullman

Sara UllmanSara is a staff bowler with Brunwsick Bowling and also on pro staff with mongoose, and real bowlers tape products. She has over 16 years coaching experience and a is certified coach. She has bowled over 50 700 series, has a sanctioned 300 game to her credit and holds many local and state titles. She also has experience coaching children with autism and other special needs.

Contact Sara to schedule a lesson

Bowling Ball Cleaning, Drilling and Fitting

Cleaning and De-oiling

Bowling balls absorb large amounts of oil from the lanes, which reduce their traction. We recommend bowlers clean their equipment at home after every 5 games and have them professionally cleaned every 50 games.  Try our Detox deep cleaning process after every 100 games.

Drilling and Fitting

Reach your full potential by dialing in your connection to your bowling ball.  We recommend a new fitting every year.  Our bodies change and our connection to our bowling balls should change to match.